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Test and Evaluation 

Murray Consulting Solutions Consultants have proven performance in planning and managing Developmental, Acceptance, Operational and Qualification Test and Evaluation programs.  We can provide critical support for your test planning, execution and reporting activities.

Our Test and Evaluation services include the following:

  • Flight Simulator Qualification Services – Qualification Testing Services
  • Flight Simulator Qualification Services – Recurrent Fidelity Checking Services
  • Flight Simulator Qualification Services – Provision of Expert Advice
  • Flight Simulator Qualification Services – Provision of Document Review
  • Flight Simulator Qualification Services – Flight Simulator
  • Validation & Verification (V&V)
  • Developmental Testing (DT&E)
  • Acceptance Testing (AT&E)
  • Operational Testing (OT&E)
  • Qualification Testing (QT&E) of hardware & software, including Operational Flight Programs (OFP)
  • Test Plans / Test Reporting
  • Test & Evaluation Master Plans (TEMP)
  • Systems Integration Lab Testing (SIL)
  • Ground & Flight Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Post-test Certification & Operational Acceptance
  • Airworthiness Board Co-ordination & Support

Over 25 years of experience as a Technical Manager within the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and industry, including over 10 years of specific Simulator test & management experience on multiple RAAF aircraft systems

Shane Damstra

Project and Engineering Manager, Murray Consulting Solutions

Recent Highlights:

  • Air 5438 Phase 1A – Lead-In Fighter Capability Assurance Program (LIFCAP) – Hawk Aircraft upgrade Developmental, Acceptance & Operational T&E Program
  • CAF02 F/A-18 Hornet Weapon System – Stores certification T&E
  • Next generation Fixed Wing Helmet Developmental & Operational T&E Program
  • Digital Joint Helmet Mounted Queuing System Operational testing
  • Air 5438 Phase 1A – LIFCAP – Hawk Simulator Acceptance & Qualification test program
  • Hornet Air Crew Training System (HACTS) Simulator upgrade Qualification test program

MCS offers a diverse range of qualifications & experience in this skill area, with consultants from levels 1 – 4 and experience from 1 – 30+ years. MCS currently has highly capable and flexible consultants able to provide full time or part time Testing and Evaluation services. We have demonstrated success in leading joint Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Air Force & Industry teams to leverage T&E results to achieve successful Gate Review outcomes, develop Airworthiness Board submissions, achieve timely Military Permits to Fly, Military Supplementary Type Certification (MSTC) & capability introduction to Service. Further, MCS has significant depth & reach back capability to access additional resources in this area, providing customers with additional value for money and a low risk support solution.